Soviet aircraft completed

These models are part of my modern invasion of Scandinavia project and also some of the last pieces from my painting tray (ya!)

Tu-16 Badger Bomber

The Tu-16 was a 3d print and took a lot of cleanup to hide the print lines and my aggressive sanding wiped out some of the details. I sprayed it with Tamiya aluminum paint and then added some panel lines with a brush and GW Nuln oil. The results are great and it came out much better than I had hoped, including the windows, which were still pretty well defined. The varnish created some problems with the silver so the model was given a aluminum drybrush afterwards.

Yak-38 Forgers

These are made by Heroics and Ros and are great little planes. They were painted in Tamiya Dark Sea Blue and then highlighted with some sky blue added to the Dark Sea Blue. I painted…

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Using Ren’s own rules we played out a variant of the cruiser action at Jutland, with the addition of some heavier vessels to help out the German. Much messy, fun was had with in an inconclusive victory for the British.

First in and first sunk.

After Glaze

Aufklärung Abt GD – Veteran

Abt Staff Company: 1 HQ Sdkfz 231 Armoured Car, 3 Sdkfz 222 Armoured Cars
2nd Company: 3 Rifle Platoons in Sdkfz 250/1
3rd Company: 3 Rifle Platoons in Volkswagen
4th Company: 3 (HMG) Volkswagen
Heavy Weapons Company: 1 75/12 IG & Truck, 1 PAK 40 & Truck, 1 Pionier Platoon (Rifles/Flame-throwers) in Trucks

Coming soon

Old to New

Have started rebasing and re-painting (in some cases) some old Heroics and Ros from the ’80s that were originally painted by Spad. Planning on running some late 1942 to Kursk. We’re potentially looking at a fantasy campaign linked to Kursk via the Perian supply route and an Axis friendly Turkey, allowing British/American/Free French, Indian, Australian, New Zealand, Greek, Polish, and South African forces to fight German, Italian, Turkish, Hungarian, and Rumanian Forces. Who knows, maybe Japanese, lol!! Basically, Rennie and I can use our North African Forces together with Russian and the larger German forces.

The terrain will very from desert, steppe, mountain, wheat fields and forests, so it’s possible to get away with using a very varied amount of camo types.